Lucid Motors finally unveils its luxury electric car

12/14/2016 14:52:52
Lucid Motors finally unveils its luxury electric car
Lucid's luxury electric car was revealed a few hours ago at the LA Auto Show, the pricing for this electric beauty starts at $100,000

We've seen some sneak peeks before of the new Lucid luxury electric car, but as we said before it's not enough for us to realize if it's gonna be really good. The pricing for this electric beauty starts at $100,000 and it was unveiled at the LA Auto Show.



This model has the largest battery pack in the automotive world. At 130 kWh (a 100 kWh battery is standard), the optional Lucid exceeds Tesla's 100 kWh packs available in the latest Model S. According to the automaker and its energy partner Samsung SDI the car has a range of 400 miles per charge. The company said the Air will fill the luxury, sports car and commuter needs of drivers. When it comes to power, each electric motor outputs 600 horsepower. That powertrain has been integrated with the HVAC and suspension system in the front of the vehicle. The rear wheels get the same set up with an integrated transmission, motor and suspension. By pacing everything together CTO Peter Rawlinson said the car has more seating capacity since everything is pushed to the edges of the car.



All those motors are pushing a combined 1000 horsepower with a zero to 60 of 2.5 seconds. The Air is also autonomous ready with short and long range radar, cameras and Lidar. And of course the tech doesn't stop there. Like most luxury cars it also has a companion app. It also uses voice control like the Amazon Echo or Siri to control aspects of the inside of the car.



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